Do you know the power of your own mind?

We have all heard that having the right mindset is important. What does this really mean, and how do we access this mindset to create positive change and new personal results?

There is actually no one definition or description of ‘the mind’. One notion that cannot be disputed, is that the mind is complex and extremely powerful, and through a deeper understanding of psychology and the study of the mind, there has been a growing interest in the positive effects of coaching and the way it can support people to be aware of their own mind; a positive step towards making any kind of change.

The mind has been described as the “most complex machine on earth”, as it is the source of all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, attitudes and behaviours. According to Cherry (2016), in the early 1900s, Freud was one of the first psychologists to articulate the mind as a system made up of the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind, and with the right level of understanding and awareness, individuals can start to reframe their own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

In brief, the conscious mind, is the part of our thoughts and feelings that we are aware of at any moment in time. The subconscious however is not far away from our conscious mind, and we can become aware of it as soon as we focus our attention on it; it looks after our recent memories.

According to Dr Marcus Rachel from Harvard University, the subconscious mind never switches off, and it is still working even when we are asleep. The unconscious mind however is hugely powerful, as it is that part of our mind that determines how we react to our conscious thoughts and feelings; it drives our behaviour. It has stored up years of experiences, memories and information from being a child which has formed our beliefs, habits and behaviours, influencing who we are today.

In order to change the way that we behave or react to certain situations, we need to delve into our unconscious mind, to understand why we are believing certain things about ourselves and why we are behaving in a certain way. When we do this, through raising our own self awareness, we will bring those thoughts into the conscious mind and be able to start to make the desired changes.

Understanding what is happening in our mind, and controlling our thoughts, is the most critical factor when determining how to enable change in ourselves and in others.

Coaching is all about raising the awareness in another individual, ‘holding the mirror up’ to their words, actions, thoughts and beliefs. According to Watts and Morgan (2015), transformational change happens when an individual challenges those deep rooted thoughts, feelings and beliefs and reframes them in such a way that enables positive change to happen.

I have experienced this in my own coaching practice, and achieved some remarkable results. By simply asking the incisive questions to then allow an individual to think deeply enough to challenge their own thoughts, has driven transformational  personal change.

A new mindset can unlock new results.

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