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“Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable…”

While coaching a number of women in organisations, Jo has recognised that at certain stages in a woman’s career, nagging doubts can start to creep in...

What are the things that are stopping our amazing women reaching more of the most Senior positions?
What are the questions that they are asking themselves along the way?
What assumptions are influencing their behaviours as they progress throughout their career?

Jo will tailor her coaching to the needs of aspiring females, recognising the different stages of their career lifecycle, focussing on having an impactful leadership presence and eliminating any self limiting beliefs that may have set in over time.


"At a time in my career where I felt I’d reached a crossroad, I found the coaching sessions immensely beneficial in making a life changing decision! Working with Jo has really helped me see the bigger picture, at various times taking me well out of my comfort zone, giving me the tools, and asking the right questions in order for me to unlock my inner drivers, many of which I’d not thought of for many years.  Jo has helped give me real clarity around the decision I had to make."

Kathryn Luke, Marketing Manager, Shop Direct, (Digital Retailer)