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“Great leaders don't tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done…”

How many times have you seen somebody who is technically gifted, get that first promotion onto the management ladder, and then seen them flounder at best or heard them ask ‘now what?’.
Providing your Line managers with the right mindset and skillset to manage individuals and teams effectively is a basic requirement to set them up for the success that they and the team deserve. Nobody likes to work for a bad manager.

From her experience, there are certain behaviours that set apart the good boss from the bad boss. Jo has brought the best of the ‘best bosses’ together in a programme of activity to support Line managers to think differently and to recognise what their teams need from them.

While the programme will be tailored for your organisational needs, key topics will include:-

  1. Effective Leadership Styles
  2. Understanding and inspiring teams
  3. Personal impact and influencing
  4. Managing time
  5. Managing change
  6. Big picture thinking

"I have worked with Jo on a number of occasions. Jo is always enthusiastic, energetic and creative, someone who has the ability to deliver on business objectives. Jo has the creative ability to design and deliver, engaging, fun and well planned learning experiences. She has a fantastic personality which is infectious and very personable, this always shines through when she delivers or facilitates training sessions. Jo is a highly effective leader, comfortable in all environments, no matter how pressured or strategic. She is passionate about people, having the strength in personality to interact, direct and coach senior managers and executives. Jo is also a great sounding board and one of my 'go to' people, as she often coaches me and my colleagues to stimulate alternative solutions or ideas. Jo is highly professional, hardworking and just great at what she does."

Richard Palentine, Independent Change Director, Brakes Group, (Foodservice).