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“Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger….”

(Tony Hsieh)

Jo has coached individuals for over twenty years, and has seen the profound difference that it can make to a person’s self awareness and performance. She firmly believes that everyone has the potential but it is how it is released and developed that will make the difference.

Jo will work with your leaders and managers to identify the areas for development, then have a series of 60-90 minute coaching sessions to unlock positive change.

Transformational change happens when an individual has time to think  deeply and personally reflect on a number of areas, to make changes that will benefit themselves and the organisation.

All sessions will be bespoke to the individual, however, Jo will draw on her coaching techniques that have proven to inspire lasting change.


"Jo is a talented, insightful and highly effective coach.
Jo has a true gift in knowing when to listen and when to ask the right question to unlock blockages. She doesn’t hold back from asking the tough questions and sharing her powerful and challenging insights.

I heartily recommend Jo if you are looking for a coach who will help you identify and make the choices you need to make to get you where you want to go."

Andy Powell, Management Consultant & Interim Managing Director