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Is your company culture fuelling imposter syndrome?

Is your company culture fuelling imposter syndrome?   Imagine being surrounded by people at work who secretly view themselves as complete frauds. Sounds crazy? It’s not. According to research carried out by psychologists Clance and Matthews, up to 70% of people could experience imposter syndrome at some point during their career. Here’s another thought. Is […]

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How Challenging Your Assumptions Can Change Everything

Every day, I hear people making assumptions. They talk so confidently about them, they clearly believe them to be facts. Throughout my career, I have realised how damaging limiting assumptions can be. How they can infiltrate into daily conversation as the truth, and spiral out of control. Instead of basing our thoughts on what we […]

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There’s still no ‘I’ in TEAM

I recently entertained the in-laws for Sunday lunch. My 83 year old father-in-law was in his element regaling stories from his early career,  “…when he was a young manager.” He started to describe some of the challenges of his teams,  some of the team-building activities and crazy away-days that he had enjoyed….I’d done some of the […]

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How much do you really care?

A 2014 study from the Harvard Business Review surveying over 3,000 employees across multiple industries highlighted the fact that employees who felt a sense of care and empathy in the workplace were more satisfied and committed to their jobs, and felt significantly more accountable for their performance than those who didn’t. Why does showing care […]

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Do you know the power of your own mind?

We have all heard that having the right mindset is important. What does this really mean, and how do we access this mindset to create positive change and new personal results? There is actually no one definition or description of ‘the mind’. One notion that cannot be disputed, is that the mind is complex and extremely powerful, and through […]

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How well do you know your team? Developing trust to unlock continuous improvement

“A team is not a group of individuals who work together, it’s a group who TRUST each other.” Simon Sinek. How many people fully trust the team that they are working in? In 1999, Roberto Francisco, a psychologist at San Jose State University described the ‘Five Levels of Interpersonal Communication’, in which he described the […]

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